DIY Self-Marketing For Writers

6 Jan
Photo by Geraint Rowland

Photo by Geraint Rowland

Today, Mike Hartner has agreed to follow up his last post by sharing more of his experience and wisdom.  Welcome back, Mike!…

Congrats!  You’re published.  In today’s world, in many cases, it won’t matter whether you are self-published, or published by one of the Big Six.  You will need Marketing.

Marketing.  Yes, that ugly word.  What, you mean my book doesn’t sell itself?  Nope.  Sorry to disappoint, but you are one of nearly a million people who have self published this past year.  Finding your book, for any but the most diligent (read: friends and relatives) is going to be a crapshoot.

So how do you make your odds better? Continue reading

How Christmas Can Improve Your Writing

23 Dec
Photo by Scott Clark

Photo by Scott Clark

Your crazy grandma…  Your drunk uncle…  You narcissistic sister…

Family is great, huh?  Some real characters.  And Christmas is the force that brings us all together.  For better or worse.  But just because you’re taking a break from your keyboard to enjoy the cheer, doesn’t mean that you have to stop working.  Grab your notebook, because you’re about to take a lesson in realistic relationships. Continue reading

From Hockey To Books – Luke Murphy Shares His Marketing Secrets

16 Dec

IMG_5365 (2)-1Today we have author Luke Murphy joining us to explain his techniques for marketing his debut novel, Dead Man’s Hand.  Hello, Luke!…

Marketing Starts With Writing

My marketing started with the writing of my book. I always had a plan, an idea of the plot, but now I had to think about the characters and setting, and I had to think about my target audience in this stage. Continue reading

Are You Alienating 20% Of Readers?

9 Dec


Today, we have a guest post from author Mike Hartner.  Welcome, Mike!…

So, you’re e-book is out, and you’ve put your paperback up for sale… Congrats! You’re published.  Whether self or otherwise, your work is now out in the world waiting for others to read it, and review it.  It’s now in the realm of eighty percent of the book readers.

Wait. Eighty Percent?  What happened to the other twenty?  Continue reading

Self-Publishing – Where To Begin?

6 Dec
Photo by Owni

Photo by Owni

I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert on self-publishing.  I started this blog to do the same thing you’re here for — to learn.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research to provide you with a quick and dirty guide, along with some links that I found helpful during my own search that will expand on this basic info — a lot of which I learned from Sean Cranbury during the SIWC. Continue reading

Contest Winner!

6 Dec

Hello!  A quick announcement for the winner of the contest for Jodi McIsaac’s novels.  And the winner of both THROUGH THE DOOR and INTO THE FIRE is…


When asked “If you could open a door and walk through to anywhere in the world, where would it go?” he said…  “I’d want a door that would allow me to visit out of town friends whenever I want.”

Awesome answer.  Enjoy the novels.  Thanks to all those that entered, and keep an eye out for the next contest!

Tips For Marketing Your Novel On Amazon – Giveaway

25 Nov
Jodi McIsaac

Jodi McIsaac

The world of publishing is changing at whiplash speed, and the company setting the pace is Amazon. As the largest bookseller (with 29% of the market) in a world where more books are now bought online than in brick-and-mortor stores, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with. Fortunately for authors who want to sell books (and who doesn’t?), this is a good thing: Amazon is the #1 place where readers go to buy books, and you, the author, can use that to your advantage.

But where to start? There are two easy ways to market your books on Amazon. While these tips apply primarily to self-published authors, who have more control over how their books are presented to the world, traditionally-published authors can work with their publishers to use Amazon to their advantage, and find a new and enthusiastic audience for their work.  Continue reading


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